Our client - server application was developed to fill in a gap in the fish - farming business.
Some of the offered features: 

 label printing
 stock handling
 order management 

Our software offers trace-ability and stock management throughout the entire procedure, from packaging to delivery, of the fish-boxes.


General parameters

 GTIN 14 (business identity and commercial codes)
 products (type, weight classes, categories of processing)
 packaging stations - storage - processing - shipping
 fattening units - fattening cages
 types of packaging boxes
 kinds of packaging boxes (capacity) - pieces per box estimations
 suppliers (trading) - suplier products - supplier cages
 customers - customer branches
 order management


Label printing

 palette labels
  per day and packaging station numbering
  box labels
  multi-standard support (label templates)
  custom label standards
  over 60 descriptive fields available
  free text fields
  electronic scales support (RS 232)
  ad hoc box weight input support
  ad hoc number of pieces input support
  ad hoc multiple label printing support
  print preview
  touch screen optimized
  mass label printing management dashboard


Business Integration



Workstation screenshots

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  • a2.png
  • a3.png
  • a4.png
  • a5.png


Mobile device screenshots 

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  • b2.png
  • b3.png
  • b4.png
  • b5.png
  • b6.png
  • b7.png


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