Our web based solution for organisations and companies that follow specific purchase management procedures.
Some of the offered features: 

 Keeping (up to date) electronic registry of potential providers-suppliers (company "identity" and experience data) in order to accelerate the project assignment procedures
 Publication of approved potential providers-suppliers registry (transparency)
 Publication of assigned projects 
 Information of related public 
 Coordination, control and monitoring of suppliers' registry keeping process by organization’s executives 
 Coordination, control and monitoring projects posting process 
 Keeping categories and subcategories of purchase type, by which to be assigned projects classify 
 Reporting services to support decision making process optimization 


Services provided to the public

 assigned projects supervision
 assigned projects parametric search
 approved providers-suppliers supervision
 approved providers-suppliers parametric search
 communication with the organization

Services provided to providers-suppliers

 all the services provided to the public
 profile creation and management that includes company "identity" and experience data



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